#111 Coron

Coron Island is located at the northern tip of Palawan in the Philippines and is known for its superb diving sites. A Wikipedia entry says several Japanese shipwrecks World War II vintage have created pleasant rock formations around the wrecks which provide for excellent snorkelling with underwater visibility extending up to 80 feet.

Coron boasts of different reef dives sites including Günter´s Cave also known as Cathedral Cave which got it name since during the right time of the day, the sun throws a beam of light through a hole in the cave-ceiling, illuminating the inside. The cave is named after Günther Bernert, a member of the first dive-group the explored the cave.

Wreck diving Sites in Coron Bay include the Irako Wreck, Okikawa Maru Wreck, and Akitsushima Wreck, among many others. East Tangat Gunboat Wreck (real name of the ship, Teru-Kaze Maru) was recently discovered by a group of Dutch divers, who spent a couple of days digging into bottom sand around the stern.

The aquatic views from the sunken Japanese warships off Coron Island are listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world.

Mabuhay ang Coron!

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