#285 Divisoria

Divisoria is a district in Manila and is without a doubt the city’s premier place for bargain hunters. The wholesale/retail market of Divisoria is crowded with shops selling clothes, fabrics, toys, kitchen ware, home décor and almost everything else.

A point of interest is the Tutuban Centre Mall in the heart of Divisoria. The former train station was converted into a commercial mall with the original wrought-iron columns and lattice work, and red brick masonry, giving the place a unique and nostalgic feel of late 19th century life in Old Manila.

Bargain hunters should not miss Divisoria’s textile shops where one gets value for money. There is a colorful night market where one can find anything from fruits to toys.  Haggling is a sport in this shopping district and visitors are well advised to first scout for the most attractive price before making a final purchase.

Long live Divisioria!


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2 responses to “#285 Divisoria

  1. Hi. This really brought back memories for me as I was born in Tondo, Manila which is close to Divisoria. My grandma would take me with her para “ma-malengke” kami.

    I actually stumbled upon this blog by looking up “bagoong” lol :). Great blog. I’ll definitely subscribe.

    – MJ Carlos-

    • Hello Standcomics, great to know that this item on Divisoria brings back memories for you. This is one of the main aims of this blog, to bring back those wonderful memories we have of things, places, etc..that are Filipino. Enjoy the read and thanks for passng by,…joel

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