#37 Tricycle

The Philippine tricycle, perhaps, is the most handy, colorful and resourceful transport vehicle in Asia. Just like the Philippine jeepney which is often decked out in exuberant color and decor, the tricycle is one of the Filipino’s main mode of transportation particularly in urban areas.

For instance, tricycles have the advantage (because of their size) of plying  into Metro Manila’s most congested parts, riding into narrow streets and delivering their passengers ‘door-to-door’ so to speak. The most helpful tricyle drivers can even help in looking for hard-to-find addresses and often act as your modern GSP. And in the countryside one can even spot tricycles loaded to the roof (with passengers or just-bought furniture!).

In terms of decor some of the most intriguing tricycles (at least what this blog writer has experienced by far) are in Bohol Island where most of the tricycles are decorated with Biblical quotes including the Ten Commandments. One feels literally ‘riding’ on a Sunday sermon! 

Although criticised for being environtment-unfriendly with its use of diesel and the awful motor noise tricycles make, tricycles may yet remain an ubiquotous element in the Philippine transport system as long as the government fails to keep its promise of providing an efficient and affordable transport service.

Mabuhay ang tricyle!

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  1. Mavic

    Hi Joel,

    The tricycle is also very popular in rural areas for the same reasons you cited. It is also the most common income-generating project for overseas Filipino workers because it doesn’t require that much capital, there’s always a demand (Most Filipinos dislike walking! :), and it could also be used as a family car.

    I think we should write Honda, Yamaha and other engine manufacturers to develop quiet ones. The noise they create is torturous! …or perhaps a Filipino will develop the first quiet tricycle engine.

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