#77 Vigan

Vigan's Mestizo district

Vigan City is known for having one if  not the only intact Spanish-era district in the Philippines.

Located in Ilocos Sur province in nothern Philippines, Vigan is the capital of the province which lies on the western coast of Luzon, facing the South China Sea. Vigan is a World Heritage Site as it has one of the most intact Hispanic towns in the country complete with authentic cobblestone streets and unique architecture, some of them dating back to the 17th century, which fuses Philippine building design with colonial European (Spanish) architecture.

Among the landmarks in the city is the Mestizo district where the oldest Spanish-styled houses are located. Former Philippine president Elpidio Quirino, the sixth president of the Philippines also had a residence in Vigan, the Syquia Mansion.


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2 responses to “#77 Vigan

  1. Mavic

    A beautiful place! I wish there are more places like this in the Philippines.

    I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia last year and I felt like I was in Vigan. It was much bigger though –almost the whole city. Why do most countries do better in keeping their heritage?

    • leo

      Hi Mavic,
      Thanks for the comments. I haven’t been to Vigan, but always love to…hopefully the next time I’m in the Philippines.

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