#195 Green Mangoes and Bagoong

What can be more deliciously tempting than green mangoes and bagoong (fish sauce)?

To many Filipinos unripe green mangoes and bagoong (fish sauce) is the ultimate sour-salty side dish that is a 100% winner in any dinner table. Especially pregnant women are known to crave for hilaw na mangga (unripe mangoes) and bagoong for the ultimate Pinoy snack.

Marinated mangoes sprinkled or with a dust of dried and crushed chilli peppers is another variant that goes best with coconut milk-based vegetable stews and meat dishes. For the bagoong, a shrimp or any fish-based sauce will do. For those with diet restrictions or high blood go easy on the bagoong as it has a high salt content.

Bon appétit!


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3 responses to “#195 Green Mangoes and Bagoong

  1. Bigla akong naglaway kahit hindi ako naglilihing buntis.

  2. chocochaser

    *drool* mmmm~ fave ko ♥

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