#286 Buchi

Buchi (pronounced ‘BOO-CHEE) is a deep fried sticky dough filled with red bean paste or ube halaya (sweetened mashed purple yam).

A favorite snack or dessert on the Filipino table, the buchi balls are made of milled glutinous rice, shaped in small round balls,  filled with the bean paste, rolled in sesame seeds and then deep fried. The balls are often sold on the street with the buchi balls skewered on bamboo sticks.

Bon appetit!


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4 responses to “#286 Buchi

  1. luisa

    you hit the nail on the head, joel. this is MY fav among all the phil sweets. chow king’s is good, yummy!

  2. I buy fresh buchi from the Asian market. Do you happen to have a recipe for it?

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