#34 Sampaguita

Sampaguita (Jasminum sambac)– the flower not the Philippine rock singer–  is a sweet-scented tropical flower belonging to the wide genus of Jasmines (Jasminum). Sampaguita is also known as the Philippine Jasmine, Arabian jasmine or Pikake in Hawaii.

The sampaguita is originally from India and could have been  imported into the Philippines in the 17th century from the Himalayan areas.

Adopted in 1934 as the national flower of the Philippines, the flower is widely used in the country in official and various social and religious occasions such as weddings, birthdays, school graduations, funerals and other ceremonies. Street vendors sell it to motorists and jeepney drivers used to hang sampaguita garlands on their windshields.

Mabuhay ang sampaguita!


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5 responses to “#34 Sampaguita

  1. Donna

    I remember meron kaming tanim niyan sa harap saka sa tagiliran ng bahay; humahalimuyak ung amoy ng bulaklak na yan early in the morning …ang bango bango:-)

    • lee

      when i was a kid i really like this flower and i always make it sure mamimitas talaga ako nyan sa kapitbahay namin para ilagay ko sa room ko.

  2. rachelle

    i realy like sampaguita long time i miss this flower now im here bahrain everytime i saw the vendors men selling this…i feel my heart is so happy…i realy want to buy but no chance because the vendors men never stop where ever my car they are………….then if trying to call them the signal already green…………haaaaaaaaaaaaaay sampaguita i miss you a lot

  3. me also every time i feel so sad, thanks go to internet to see the sampaguita flower….

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