#1 Jeepney

The noisiest, most colorful, inventive and convenient among Pinoy icons, the jeepney has survived countless typhoons, floodings, World War 2, the LRT, taxis, tricycles, earthquakes, coup d états, volcanic eruptions and all the green and clean air campaigns put together to become one of the most creative Filipino inventions.

Only Manila’s Mercedes Benz-riding elite will snub the lowly jeepney. Plying Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares 24/7, nothing can beat this WW2 relic  in terms of transport fare, coverage and its amazing ability to sardine-pack  more than a dozen commuting Pinoys and bring them to their destinations.

Besides its kitschy and loud appearance, the jeepney perhaps is the great equalizer among the Philippines’ teeming masses and has captured the ability of the Pinoy to share a teeny-weeny space with his neighbors without protest or complaints.

How else can we display our quintessential Pinoy trait to endure and persevere (magtiis/magtiyaga) to the outside world ?

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


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11 responses to “#1 Jeepney

  1. Mavic

    Hi Joel,

    The jeepney also demonstrates how honest Filipinos are. The fare collection method is totally based on honor system. You hand over your money to a total stranger who will pass on your money to another passenger who is also a complete stranger until it reaches the driver. Foreigner friends of mine say that in their countries such system will not work. One is better off donating their coins to change for good campaigns.

    Another thing that amazes me about jeepneys are the drivers. They are such multitasking geniuses. Who can safely navigate Manila’s maze of a road network while receiving bills of varying denominations, giving change to the passengers, listening to and noting the passengers’ holler of their stops, lighting and smoking a cigarette, replacing music CDs on the CD player or adjusting the radio volume and whispering sweet nothings to his wife/girlfriend sitting next to him? Only in the Philippines, only Filipino drivers! Bravo, Pinoy jeepney driver !

  2. los pinkolettos

    jeepneys are really cool and fun. i like this coco-jam too. i mean, nver tried it but it sounds like a good stuff to me. send me a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. donna

    I used to ride the jeepney when I was still in the university. At the back of UE (Recto) they have the so-called “patukan” jeepneys. Super cool…ang bibilis nila..

  4. Jeepneys are so awesome and jeepney drivers are my idols!! I keep ”threatening” my wife that one day we’ll move to the Philippines and I’m gonna be a jeepney driver 🙂

  5. Hello, I love your blog. It focus on the positive side of being Filipino. If you don’t mind, can I create a link of your blog on mine so my readers can check your website as well. Thanks.

  6. its very fitting that its the first entry because if I were asked point-blank to equate images with what defines the Philippines, for sure, the jeepney and its parang superman na driver (who said men can’t multi-task as well as women? grabe pa nga sila) would be in my list of top 5 🙂

  7. msarap pkinggan ang busina at harurot ng jeep
    very pinoy

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