#42 Champorado

Champorado, a favorite Philippine breakfast, is a  rice porridge mixed with thick  cacao, sugar, dairy or coconut milk.

Cooked with glutinuous rice (malagkit), the best champurado is said to be made with quality cacao and stirred slowly while cooking. The Philippine champorado is a version of the Mexican champurrado, again attributed to the influences during the Spanish colonial times when the Philippines has ties with South American countries during the galleon trade.

Ready-to-cook champorado mix is available in supermarkets, but since champorado is easy to cook or prepare the homemade version with coconut milk is still the best. Filipinos love to eat champorado with fried tuyo (salty dried fish) as accompaninent to balance champorado’s chocolatey sweetness, although the preference- strange or odd-sounding it may be to non-Filipinos– could be an acquired taste.

Enjoy or try a bowl of hot (or cold) champorado.

Mabuhay ang champorado!

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  1. Donna

    Hey Joel – ‘lika luto tayo nian – dahil walang fresh coconut milk dito – slagroom nalang – masarap din un! Heizz kakagutom…

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