#117 Pinoy Komiks

If there is one popular (mass) medium that captures Pinoy humor, sensibility and taste for drama, the Filipino comics culture (or komiks in Pilipino) is definitely one of the ways to gauge what currently fascinates the majority of Filipinos.

Dog-eared komiks publications are popular from the north to the southern-most tip of the Philippine islands, and komiks is among the cheapest forms of entertainment available to the poor. Old titles are passed on to neighbors and friends, and there used to be (at least in the generation of this blogger) Mom & Pop  or sari-sari stores who eke out extra income by renting out piles of komiks and gossip tabloids.

Comics-based movies are therefore sure blockbusters and in previous decades the Philippine movie industry has shrewdly followed the formula of making big movie productions based on successful comics series. 

The quality of graphic arts in Pinoy komiks are also astounding if not innovative, and some of the country’s finest graphic artists were once recruited or came  from the ranks of artists working for the comics industry. Comics undoubtedly has a huge influence and following in the popular culture in the Philippines.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy komiks!

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