#258 Terno

Photo: Edwin Uy

Terno is the elegant, Spanish-inspired costume worn by Filipino women in the 20th century and which is still worn up to this day in special public occasions. The word ‘terno’ is Spanish for ‘to match.’

The Filipino terno refers to the matching of blouse and skirt, joined at the waist to form a one-piece creation, with both bodice and skirt made of the same material. The seamlessness is only one of its inventive features of the Filipino terno. The sleeveless are upright, flat against the shoulders like clipped butterfly wings. Its low neckline contours the bosom. The whole is nipped at the waist to let fall a shapely skirt that is rounded, flared or trailed at the hem.

Pioneering Philippine fashion designers have innovated on the terno and their designs elevated this national costume to a world-class high fashion statement. (Source: Filipino Heritage.com)

Long live Philippine costumes!


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2 responses to “#258 Terno

  1. Hi, I am Edwin Uy and this is my creation. Thanks for appreciating my works. I just hope you could credit my name for this picture. Thanks and God bless.

    • Hello Ed, Sorry to reply only this time since I am no longer updating this blog. I am crediting the photo to you. Apologies for the lack of credit since this everyday blog was difficult to maintain and tracing all credits for the photographs can take a lot of time. Thanks and best regards

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