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#331 Pasonanca Park

Tree House at Pasonanca Park

The Pasonanca Park (7 kilometers away from Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur province, Mindanao) is located in an area 500 feet above sea level, and surrounded  by verdant mountains and rolling hills.

This 58-hectare park  has 3 swimming pools ringed by ferns and other greenery. Sparkling cool water flows in and out 24 hours a day from nearby mountains. The park houses the Zamboanga Convention Center, the Boy Scout Camp and Amphitheatre. Its most popular attraction is the Tree House built in 1960. Visitors can reserve for a stay at the Tree House through the City Mayor’s Office. The stay is free but only for a night or two to enable everyone a chance to experience living atop a tree. The unique Tree House is equipped with basic facilities for a short stay.

Mabuhay ang Pasonanca Park!

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#317 Locot-Locot

Locot-locot (pronounced as “Lo-KOT-Lo-KOT”) is a rice-based, fried pastry that originated and is popular in Zamboanga del Sur province, Mindanao, southern Philippines.

Delightfully crispy when freshly fried, locot-locot is made up of rice galapong or finely milled rice with a smooth and fluid consistency. The fluid galapong is then scooped into a coconut shell with holes and the galapong or fluid mixture is dripped slowly into a flat frying pan. The noodle-thin rice sticks that are slowly formed into a thin sheet and rolled (locot-locot means ‘ to fold’) is gently fried. This is slow-cooking at its best, and the resulting rice pastry is similar in taste to the Spanish churros.

Zamboangenos eat the locot-locot with local coffee or chocolate drink, again similar to eating churros dipped into a cup of hot chocolate. Due to the labor-intensive process of making locot-locot this pastry is facing tough competition from other local and imported sweets, and is threatened with extinction.

Mabuhay ang locot-locot!


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#289 Great Sta. Cruz Island

Great Sta. Cruz Island (to distinguish from Little Sta. Cruz Island) in Zamboanga province, Mindanao, southern Philippines, is best known for its pinkish sand beach. The unique color hue comes from coral bits washed up from the sea bottom.

On the island is a fishing village, a lagoon, and an old Muslim burial ground. Characterised by extensive and varied aquatic life, coral heads and rocks support a wide array of tropical fish. The island is ideal for swimming, skin/scuba diving, beachcombing, and sunbathing.

Facilities on the island include dressing rooms, toilets, picnic sheds, and cooking areas. As  a coral island, drinking water is not readily available in the island, and visitors are advised to take along drinking water and food. Wearing canvas or plastic shoes/slippers to protect the feet from sharp rocks and coral shards are also recommended.

Sta. Cruz Island is located some 15 minutes away, by an outrigger, motorised boad, from either the Lantaka Hotel or the Golf course beach in Zamboanga. It is only about 4 kilometers from the Zamboanga mainland. There are minimal entrance fees to the island.

Mabuhay ang Great Sta. Cruz Island!


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