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#284 Lami-Lamihan Festival

Lami-Lamihan Festival (WikiPedia Photo)

Lami-Lamihan Festival is the premier festival in Basilan Island, the northernmost and biggest  island province in the Sulu Archipelago in Mindanao, southern Philippines.

The festival is celebrated during the Feast of St. Peter (Fiesta San Pedro) on June 29 in Lamitan City, Basilan. The festival is highlighted by the participation of the native  or ethnic Yakan tribe who attend the festivities in full regalia, selling wares and produce brought in from their farms in the interior. Celebration of the event rekindles the native Yakans culture and diversity. Townspeople are dressed in colorful costumes and  take part in horse races, parades, and other activities.

The festival also displays Yakan music, games, and Yakan hand-weaving competition. Authentic Yakan rituals are performed such as  the peggunting or baptism, pegtimbang or weighing, magtammat or graduation, and the pegkawin, the Yakan wedding as the main attraction. The festival is said to have originated in the 1980s and the word “Lami-Lamihan” means merry-making.

Long live Yakan culture!

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#91 Yakan tapestry

Yakan is a tribe in southwestern Mindanao island, an ethnic group known for their fine and brightly woven tapestries.

The typical Yakan design is the diamond pattern which is the tribe’s distinctive motif for a range of tapestries. Due to its geographical location, influences from neighboring Indonesian islands can also be seen in Yakan weaving.  

Aside from table runners, decorative wall pieces, the Yakan women also weave a tubular fabric  traditionally used as malong (wrap-around skirt). The Basilan group of islands are among the chief producers of quality and authentic Yakan cloth.

Mabuhay ang Yakan!

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