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#211 Pintados Kasadyaan Festival

The Pintados Kasadyaan Festival is a cultural-religious celebration in Tacloban based on the body-painting traditions of the ancient tattooed “pintados” warriors.

In 1986, the Pintados Foundation, Inc. was formed by the people of Tacloban to organised this festival in honour of Sr. Santo Niño. Years later the Pintados was merged with the Kasadyaan Festival, a brainchild of former Leyte Governor Remedios  Petilla. The joint festival is annually held on June 30.

The Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival is a merry-making event lasting a whole month, highlights of which include the Leyte Kasadyaan Festival, the 17th Pintados Festival Ritual Dance Presentation and the “Pagrayhak” Grand Parade. The Leyteños celebrate a religious festival in a unique and colourful way. Since the Visayans are experienced in the art of body tattooing, men and women are fond of tattooing themselves. These festivals also attempt to display the rich cultural heritage of Leyte (from Wikipedia).

Mabuhay ang Leytenos!

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