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#300 University of the Philippines

The Oblation statue is an iconic symbol of the U.P. system

The University of the Philippines (Unibersidad ng Pilipinas in Filipino, commonly abbreviated as U.P.) is the national university of the Philippines. Founded in 1908 during the Philippine-American colonial era, the U.P. currently provides the largest number of degree programs in the country.

The Senate of the Philippines also recognizes UP as “the nation’s premier university”. Seven of fifteen Philippine Presidents have attended courses in the University either as undergraduates or as postgraduate students, while 12 Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, 36 out of the 57 National Artists and 34 out of the 35 National Scientists are affiliated with the University.

 U.P. has the most National Centers of Excellence and Development among higher education institutions in the Philippines and one of only three schools in Asia that have received institutional recognition in the Ramon Magsaysay Awards. The U.P. system is partly subsidized by the Philippine government.

Students of the university and its graduates are referred to “Scholars of the Nation.” Admission into the University is extremely competitive. In 2006, 70,000 applicants took the entrance exams for undergraduate admission. Around 11,000 of the applicants were admitted for the year 2006, an acceptance rate of about 18% for the whole of the UP system (Source: Wikipedia).

Mabuhay ang U.P.!


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#66 Mt. Makiling

The Mt. Makiling in Los Banos, Laguna province is a well-known national park that often figures in Philippine myths and legends.

Maria Makiling, for example, is the symbol or reincarnation of Mother Earth or an earth goddess that withholds her  favours to those who defile the environment. For many animists worshippers or practitioners in the Philippines, Mt. Makiling is also one of the sacred places of worship and annually attracts disciples of animist religions.

The mountain itself is a treasure trove of rich flora and fauna, rare Philippine hardwood and has geothermal properties. The premier agricultural university in the Philippine, the UP at Los Banos, is also located in the foothills of Mt. Makiling, as well as a high school for gifted art students.

With warm-water bath resorts dotting its foothills, Mt. Makiling is a favorite  destination for Manila residents and visitors on a day-long trip. It is easily accessible from Manila and other southern Luzon provinces.

Mabuhay ang Mt. Makiling!

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