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#112 Ube-Macapuno ice cream

If there is ice cream heaven, ube-macapuno would have its own exclusive corner in paradise corner. This quintessentially Philippine ice cream should get an Oscar in the ice desserts category simply for the divine and mouth-watering pleasures it give.

Ube is the local Philippine name for the purple yam and macapuno is a coconut variety that is sticky and has a more full nutty flavor than your average coconut. Unfortunately the macapuno coco variety is hard to come by and has become rarer in recent years due to poor coconut harvests (probably).

Ice cream fans in the Philippine know that there is a separate ube ice cream flavor and another one for macapuno. But credit the creativity of the Filipino’s sweet tooth, these two superfladelicious flavors are combined in one. The Magnolia ice cream brand used to have or carry these combined flavor (years ago) although this blogger hasn’t got the chance to perform the latest quality and factual checks.

Nevertheless, if by chance you are in the vicinity of a quality ice cream tray and extensive dessert buffet in the Philippines, and you have the opportunity of a lifetime to try this heavenly ice cream never pass (heaven’s forbid!) the chance. Missing it would simply mean a lost seat in ice cream paradise.

Mabuhay ang ube-macapuno!

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