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#153 Tuyo

Tuyo at sinangag (tuyo and ried rice)

There was a time when tuyo (salted dried herring) was considered by many Filipinos as “the poor’s man’s fish” since it’s sold cheap and is considered a fish of poorer ‘quality.’ Sold as dried salted fish in public markets, tuyo on the dinner table was an indicator of how one’s fortunes have dived or plunged into the deep blue sea.

Today, however, Filipino cuisine have re-discovered this once lowly dried fish. Chic food stores in Metro Manila malls are now peddling to the middle and upper classes marinated tuyo, or at least the boneless sort called ‘gourmet tuyo.” Marinated in oil and garlic, slivers of gourmet tuyo is a yummy ingredient to seafood-based pasta and prices of a bottled marinated tuyo would make many tuyo fans real proud.

If one prefers a good old traditional Pinoy meal, a good recommendation is tuyo at sinangag (tuyo and fried rice). Add some salted duck’s eggs (itlog na pula) and your meal would never go wrong. But for the health conscious watch out for the high salt content…  

Bon apettit!


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