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#365 Super Lolo

A range of paputok or firecrackers is big business in the Philippines by year-end

New Year’s Eve in the Philippines is a noisy and, more often than not, dangerous, accident-prone affairs. Paputok (firecrackers) rule the day (if not weeks in advance) and many Filipinos surprisingly do not hesitate to spend hard-earned monies on firecrackers, a habit obviously borrowed or learned from the Chinese who are considered expert firecracker makers and producers in the region.

The list of fireworks below is certainly not an encouragement or endorsement (by this blogger) to young children and even to adults to use them, but among the popular paputok in the Philippines (which have funny names) are the Rebentador, Super Pla Pla, Trianggulo, Bawang (literally garlic cloves) Sinturon ni Judas (Juda’s Belt), Jumbo Fountain, Whistle Bomb and Super Lolo (Super Grandpa), the last being the most terrifyingly whacky when it comes to ear-blasting effects. The more ‘tame’ or ‘safe’ firecrackers are Lusis, Bulalakaw (comets), Watusi and Baby Rockets.

But to those who refuse to obey sound advice and reason, Super Lolo may yet be the nastiest grandfather in town come New Year’s Eve when it comes to blasting the eardrums of your nearest neighbors and their pet dogs.

From 365 Great Pinoy Stuff- A Healthy and Happy New Year to All!


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