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#51 Sorbetes


Sorbetes cart

Sorbetes (sorbet) or the whole  experience of getting your ice cream  kick from “Mamang Sorbetero” is one of the unique and distinctly Philippine food experience that visitors can try. On the cheap and surprisingly refreshing in the tropical heat!

But even Pinoys wax nostalgic when reminded of sorbetes, also known or called by Filipinos as ‘dirty ice cream.’  Whether selling sorbet ice cream on the street is unhygienic or not, the catchphrase has stuck to the unfortunate sorbetes vendor. As shown in the photo, the vendor or Mamang Sorbertero (Mr. Sorbet) plys his ice cream trade on the streets, pushing this colourful two-wheeled mobile cart to lure children and adults alike to his frozen treats.

Flavours such as coconut-macapuno, mango, strawberry and avocado are classic favorites in the repertoire of the sorbetes vendor. A variant is the bun filled in the middle with a hefty scoop or glob of sorbetes, a strange idea to non-Filipinos who cannot equate consuming ice cream as bread/bun filling.

In any case, first time visitors and tourists can try sorbetes and preferably the “dirty kind,” straight from Mamang Sorbetero with his colorful two-wheeled mobile cart.

Mabuhay ang sorbetes!

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