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#56 Sky Flakes

Sky Flakes is the brandname of perhaps one of most popular soda crackers in the Philippines to the point that it has become an icon. Go to any Philippine or Asian store in Europe or elsewhere and chances are you will find a packet of Sky Flakes.

The crispy and slighty salty crackers have survived the years and tough food retail competition and its manufacturers, M.Y.San, have cleverly retained its familiar branding and slogan that it become instantly recognisable, anywhere, anytime.

M.Y.San also provides a classic lesson in product positioning and marketing when in the 1970s and early 1980s it launched a popular advertising slogan that says “Sky Flakes, Kahit Anong Ipatong,” (rough translation: Sky Flakes, whatever you top it with). Of course, the original Filipino phrase retains its naughty (and unforgettable)double meaning.

Filipinos top a crispy sliver of Sky Flakes with anything: cheese, matamis na bao (coco jam), peanut butter, whatever suits your fancy and taste.

Mabuhay ang Sky Flakes!

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