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#19 Sapin-Sapin

Sapin-sapin (Filipino for “to layer or fold together”) is a layered glutinous rice and coconut dessert and is a popular, special treat in the Filipinos’ festive table.

Sapin-sapin’s multi-colored rings are made from layers of glutinous rice flour, ube jamĀ (purple taro roots), grated macapuno (sticky young coconut) and other colored rice cakes.

Sweetened with coconut milk and sprinkled with roasted coco flakes, the cake is a delightful, mouth-watering dessert or snack. Having the right texture, flavour and consistency in sapin-sapin is a tedious if not exacting process even for the experienced cook since the cake is made up of several separate layers.

Pastry and specialised bake shops in Malabon City, north of Manila, are known to make the most tasty sapin-sapin. Packed or serve in bilao (handwoven bamboo trays), sapin-sapin makes a special treat or gift.

Mabuhay ang sapin-sapin!

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