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#7 Red Eggs

Itlog na pula or salted red eggs is a no-no for heart and kidney patients as one red egg carries, perhaps, more than your required salt intake in a week’s time.

But for those with a higher salt threshold these eggs are superbly yummy with minced tomatoes, cucumbers, as toppings for bibingka (native rice cakes) and other salads that require a litte salty zest.

The red color simply serves to separate or distinguish the eggs from uncooked and non-salty ones and to avoid confusion in the market. Duck eggs are also often used for itlog na pula.

The eggs are marinated for weeks in dissolve salt, literally absorbing the salty concoction over time. Cooked and later dyed in red, it is a marvelous side dish on the  Pinoy’s kitchen table.

Mabuhay ang itlog!


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