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#239 Pila, Laguna

Vintage colonial-era house in Pila, Laguna

Pila in Laguna province is known for its well-preserved houses dating back to the Spanish colonial period.

The town is also known for the old Saint Anthony of Padua Parish Church, the first Antonine church in the Philippines. Pila and adjacent towns along the shores of Laguna de Bay are considered by archaeologists as one of the oldest settlements in the Philippines. The community is one of three such concentrations of population known archaeologically to have been in place before A.D. 1000. Archaeologists recovered in Pinagbayanan potteries and artifacts that indicate considerable settlement in the area during the Late Tang Dynasty (900 A.D.).

The Franciscan order also established in Pila the second printing press in the Philippines and printed in 1613 the Philippines’ oldest dictionary and the first book printed using the movable type, the Vocabulario de Lengua Tagala. The book was written and compiled by Fray Pedro de San Buenaventura and printed by Tomas Pinpin,  a noted name in early Filipino printing. The book is 27 years older than the Bay Psalm Book, the first book printed in the United States in 1640. (From: Wikipedia).

Mabuhay ang Pila!

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