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#143 Banana Turon

A favorite Pinoy snack, banana turon (banana wrapped in rice rolls) is a popular street food and is a variant of the banana-que.

The sliced saba (plantain) bananas are fried, rolled with strips of langka (jackfruit) in the lumpia wrapper (rice wrappers) and fried to a golden crispness. Caramelized brown sugar is also melted in the last few minutes of frying to coat the banana turon and add a sugary sweetness.

The crispy rolls combined with the sweetness of the banana and jackfruit make this snack a classic dessert in the Filipino kitchen table.

Bon appetit!

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#55 Banana-que

Banana-que is a popular snack and street food in the Philippines and is available almost everywhere, from the nearest streetcorner, public markets to fastfood diners.

 Ripe saba (or plantains) bananas are used for banana-que. The bananas are peeled and deep fried and midway brown sugar is added to the boiling oil until it caramelizes and coat the bananas. The bananas are then served in bamboo sticks or barbeque skewers, hence the name banana-que.

There are other variants of this deep-fried snack such as kamote-que or sweet potatoe sliced,deep-fried and also skewered with bamboo sticks.

The banana-que is best serve in banana leaves as the leaves when warmed or heated by the piping hot bananas give off a pleasant and robust leafy scent. A tasty filling snack, banana-que is a convenient food or snack-on-the-go.

Mabuhay ang banana-que!

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