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#1 Jeepney

The noisiest, most colorful, inventive and convenient among Pinoy icons, the jeepney has survived countless typhoons, floodings, World War 2, the LRT, taxis, tricycles, earthquakes, coup d états, volcanic eruptions and all the green and clean air campaigns put together to become one of the most creative Filipino inventions.

Only Manila’s Mercedes Benz-riding elite will snub the lowly jeepney. Plying Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares 24/7, nothing can beat this WW2 relic  in terms of transport fare, coverage and its amazing ability to sardine-pack  more than a dozen commuting Pinoys and bring them to their destinations.

Besides its kitschy and loud appearance, the jeepney perhaps is the great equalizer among the Philippines’ teeming masses and has captured the ability of the Pinoy to share a teeny-weeny space with his neighbors without protest or complaints.

How else can we display our quintessential Pinoy trait to endure and persevere (magtiis/magtiyaga) to the outside world ?

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


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Launching of 365 GPS

The launching and first entry/posting for 365 Great Pinoy Stuff will be on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2010.

Your own favorite Pinoy stuff?  Send an email to 365gps@gmail.com

Happy New Year!

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