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#327 Kamote-Que

Long before McDonalds´ invasion of the Philippines, kamote-que onced ruled the street food scene in the country.

Kamote-que are sliced sweet potatoes which are deep fried and coated with caramelized brown sugar. Served in barbeque sticks, which gives this potato snack the name, kamote-que were once popular and were found in every street corner served directly from the frying pan and piping hot!

Today, with the popularity of French fries from fast-food chains, kamote-que has been pushed to the sidelines and is seldom seen on the street compared to bygone years.

But for real Pinoy street food afficionados nothing beats kamote-que serve on banana leaves, which gives an extra fragrant banana scent to the hot caramelized potato chunks.

Mabuhay ang kamote-que!

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#298 Adidas

Not the sport shoe maker, but a popular street food often found sold by food and snack vendors right on busy sidewalks. Adidias is chicken feet or claws that are grilled and sold cheaply as ‘snack-on-the-go.’

Although not all Pinoys are big fans of Adidas, this chicken delight has survived the years and remains a top money earner for small street vendors. With little capital, food vendors grill Adidas or chicken claws and topped it with sauce for a quick tummy filler. The name ‘Adidas’ is said to refer to “three toes, three stripes” (of the well-known shoe maker). Or could it be the leathery feel one gets when biting on the grilled chicken claws? Who knows… In any case, fastfood Pinoy style can be imaginative, cheap and available 24-7.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy street food!


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#281 Chicharon Bulaklak


Photo by Sidney Snoek

Chicharon bulaklak are pork rinds that have been salted, dried, then fried. Chicharon bulaklak are popular pulutan or appetizers, often paired with a glass of beer. Other variations are chicharong bituka or chibab, which are pig intestines that have been deep fried to a crisp.

Chicharong bulaklak or chilak is similar to chicharong bituka and is often made from mesenteries of pig intestines and has a bulaklak or flowery appearance. Chicharong manok or chink is chicken skin that has been deep fried until crispy (Excerpted from WikiPedia).

Mabuhay ang Philippine pulutan!

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