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#330 Chicken Binakol

Photo: Our Awesome Planet blog

There are several types or versions of a chicken binakol recipe in the Philippines depending on place or region. 

In Batangas province, Luzon, the famous Batangas native chicken is used for their Chicken binakol and is cooked in a bamboo tube to seal in the juices. In the Visayas region their version of Chicken Binakol is to simmer the chicken with tanglad or pandan leaves in the coconut shell itself. A popular native dish, chicken binakol is popular in the provinces where coconuts are abundant. The combination of coconut juice and ginger gives this stew a flavourful and unique taste.

Chicken Binakol ingredients are one dressed chicken, chopped onions, minced garlic, young coconut water or juice, a node of bamboo tube and salt to taste. The shell of a young coconut is also used to serve this tasty dish.

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