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#58 Philippine General Hospital

If there is an award for hospitals in the Philippines, the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) would surely deserve one for its long-running service to indigent Filipinos. Built in 1907 during the American colonial period, the PGH is a state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines-Manila and the University of the Philippines System’s Health Sciences Centre.

Also considered as the largest government hospital in the Philippines, the PGH has a 1,500-bed capacity with 1,000 beds for indigent patients and the rest for private (paying) patients. Located in Ermita, Manila, the PGH has seen the worst of epidemics during its early years and was the only hospital that remained open throughout World War II, administering to the wounded and the sick from both US, Philippine and Japanese camps.

As a public hospital with a goal to serve the lower classes, the PGH offers some of the lowest rates for patients. Some of the country’s best doctors and medical experts have trained at the PGH and the University of the Philippines medical school itself is known to produce some of the country’s finest medical researchers and doctors.

Mabuhay ang PGH!

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