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#173 Pichi-Pichi

Pichi-pichi (pronounced as ‘peachy-peachy’) is an irresistible dessert made of coconut and cassava (kamoteng kahoy).

Basically a soft ‘puto’ or steamed cake, pichi-pichi is made with grated cassava, mixed with sugar and pandan-flavored water. Placed in banana-leaf or plastic molds, and steamed in a bamboo steamer the cake becomes translucent when cooked. Artificial color is optional but the green of the pandan leaves is a common color and so are light yellows, greens, reds and pinks. 

 Pichi-pichi is said to have originated from Quezon province in southern Luzon island. Usually served in special occasions and parties like birthdays and fiestas, this is one Filipino delicacy that is undeniably yummy. The cakes are topped with grated coconut.

Bon appetit!

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