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#39 Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls in Pagsanjan, Laguna province, Northern Luzon, is one of the favorite tourist attractions south of Manila. Easily reached and enjoyed on a day-trip from Manila, travelling to the falls through the Pagasanjan rapids is actually half of the fun itself.

The Pagsanjan rapids is plied by a flotilla of hand-paddled boats with two boatmen for every boat that navigate the treacherous, at times rough-flowing river. The skill and physical prowess of these boatman as they paddled upstream is a sight and priceless adventure on its own, eliciting gasps of admiration and surprise from almost all visitors. 

Visitors are also treated to nature’s beauty as the boat glides past dramatic cliff walls, jungles, serene lagoons, the boatmen zig-zagging through the enormous rocks. Small waterfalls also trickle on the Jurassic-like environment, transporting the visitor to a different time and place.

The movie ‘Apocalpse Now’ starring Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen was shot on Pagsanjan, along the river and the nearby jungles. Fans of the film will intsantly recognise the eerie stillness of the jungle and the feeling of isolation that pervades  in the movie.

For first-time Philippine visitors (and even to locals), Pagsanjan is a not-to-miss journey.

Mabuhay ang Pagsanjan!

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