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#96 Moriones Festival

The annual Moriones Festival is one of the most widely known and colorful street festivals in the Philippines, attracting hordes of foreign and local tourists to the island of Marinduque in central Philippines.

Held every Easter holidays, the Marinduque spectacle includes the townspeople wearing Roman costumes, complete with colourful handmade masks. The festival probably originated in the early 19th century during the Spanish colonial period and re-enacts the story of Saint Longinus, a Roman centurion who was blind in one eye. The festival is characterized by colorful Roman costumes, painted masks and helmets, and brightly-colored tunics

Moriones is derived from the Spanish¬†morion which means “mask” or “visor,” a part of the medieval Roman armor which covers the face. Moriones also refers to the masked and costumed penitents who march around the town for seven days searching for Longinus. Morions roam the streets in Marinduque from Holy Monday to Easter Sunday scaring kids or posing for the photographers and tourists hordes that annually descend on Marinduque.

Mabuhay ang Moriones!

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