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#63 Tinapang bangus

Tinapang bangus or marinated milk fish is a classic favourite in the Philippine kitchen, especially when one eats this tasty fish dish with kalamansi (Philippine lemon), soya sauce dip and a dash of siling labuyo (hot chillies).

Bangus is one of the most affordable and all-season freshwater fish in the Philippines and is cooked in various ways such as sinigang (broth) or the Spanish-styled relleno (stuffed fish or meat).

Although the fish is known for its very fine fish bones that can stick in one’s throat, the fish remains a top favourite particularly the bangus fat belly which is sautéed in a concoction of garlic, tomatoes, onions and other flavouring ingredients of one’s choice.

Tinapang bangus is best with a cup of steamed rice and pickled mangos or cucumber as side dish.

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