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#250 Marikina Shoe Museum


A staff arranges the Imelda Marcos shoe collection at the Marikina Shoe Museum

The Marikina Shoe Museum is located in Marikina City, popularly known as the shoe capital of the Philippines.

The museum is located on JP. Rizal St. and just across the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. Part of its display are shoes of  famous people including a pair of shoes from each president of the Philippines, which are displayed in chronological order.  Celebrities, ambassadors, political figures and examples of traditional from foreign countries are also part of the museum’s collection.   The museum’s second floor has a permanent exhibit on the history of shoe making including life-size mannequins.  

The former shoes of former First Lady Imelda Marcos is also displayed in the museum, a collection estimated at 749 pairs. The shoes were found and confiscated from the Malacanang Palace following the 1986 ouster of the Marcoses.

The museum is open everyday except Sundays during  regular working hours.

Long live Marikina!

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