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#72 Pulburon

The Filipino’s pulburon is derived from the Spanish polvorón. This powdered dessert (polvo is Spanish for powder) has several variants in the Philippines including pulburon mixed with pinipig (beaten young green rice), casuy (cashew) and even cookies-and-cream polvorón.

A Wikipedia entry says that the Spanish polvorón is a type of Andalucian shortbread of Levantine origin. These shortbread are popular in Spain and Latin America.  A pulburon’s basic recipe includes flour, sugar, milk and nuts. The Andalucian region in Spain is renowned for polvorón where they are called mantecados. The Philippine pulburon, however, is sweeter compared to the mantecados which taste more like unsweetened cookies.

In the Philippines pulburon are often wrapped in brightly colored paper and are also used as décor on festive tables during Christmas, birthdays, wedding or baptismal feasts. A well-known brand is the Goldilocks pulburon sold in almost major airports in the Philippines as popular pasalubongs or homecoming gifts.

Mabuhay ang pulburon!

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