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#183 Makopa

A tree reaching a height of 10 meters, makopa (Syzygium malaccense or Malay apple) is cultivated in many Southeast Asian countries for its fleshy, edible fruit.

The makopa fruit is a shiny, oblong or pear-shaped, white splashed, striped with pink, or crimson to purplish colors. The fruit is either seedless or one-seeded. The flesh is white, pithy, juicy but rather bland or tasteless. Some varieties though have a pleasant sweetish flavour.

In the Philippines, makopa is best known as a summer fruit and is often eaten right after picking it from the tree. With its slightly tangy, sweetish taste, kids sometimes strung the small makopa fruits into edible garlands.  The fruit is also a perfect ingredient in a fresh salad of chopped makopa, green mango, pineapple and tropical fruits tossed with a chilli and dried shrimp sauce/paste.

Bon appétit!

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