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#54 Ayala Avenue

Ayala Avenue is known as the Wall Street of Metro Manila, a busy strip of concrete where most of the high-rise buildings of Makati City are located.

Located at the heart of Manila’s financial district, Ayala Avenue has replaced for the last three decades Manila’s former uptown streets and has now gained a reputation as one of the most upscale areas in the metropolis. With its chic towering office buildings, five-star hotels and expensive apartments, Ayala’s attractions include shopping mall complexes, art galleries and museums, parks and high-end luxury shops.

In the 1980s the Avenue was a central meeting or assembly point of the People Power or mass revolt movement staged against the Marcoses shortly after the 1981 assassination of former Sen. Benigno Aquino. The peaceful protest continued until 1986 when Aquino’s widow Corazon was installed as the country’s first female president shortly after the February 1986 EDSA revolution. Office workers would shower yellow graffitti to marchers and prostestors marching on Ayala Avenue as a sign of support to the Marcos opposition. Today, Benigno Aquino’s bronze statue is also a landmark midway on Ayala Avenue.

Ayala Avenue is the only commercial area in the Philippines where owners of the high-rise buildings do not pay rent to the Ayala family, a Spanish-Filipino real estate and food manufacturing tycoon who owns most of the expensive real estate on Ayala Avenue. It has been reported though that the buildings, after a specific period or time, will automatically revert to the ownership of the Ayala Corporation.

Mabuhay ang Ayala Avenue!

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