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#313 Magsingal Church & Belfry

Magsingal Church Belfry

The Magsingal Church (San Guillermo Church) in Magsingal, Ilocos Sur province, northern Luzon, is among the region’s treasured Baroque Catholic churches. Magsingal Church became a parish 1676. The church itself is dedicated to St. William the Hermit. It is famous for its wooden altar, a very intricately-carved gold and green retablo,  which is still in use. The facade of the church is wonderfully preserved but the belfry is the church’s main attraction. 

Beside the church is a rectory (also built in 1676) which was converted as a branch of the National Museum. The rectory’s strong foundation of bricks, lime and stone withstood disastrous calamities like fire, typhoons and earthquakes. The rectory was also used as a school building during the early American regime. During the Japanese occupation, the museum served as an interment for the residents of Magsingal who were punished for the murder of a Japanese captain. (Source: Various Internet postings)

Long live Baroque Philippine churches!

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