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#124 San Juanico Bridge

The San Juanico Bridge that spans across the San Juanico Strait from Samar to Leyte islands in the Visayas, central Philippines, is considered the longest bridge in the Philippines, spanning across the waters of the strait with a length of 2.16 kilometers (from Wikipedia).

The bridge have been designed by renowned architects Arvin Valderamma andĀ Juanito Balunbalunan. The bridge is supported by 43 spans rising 41 meters above the sea. It has a large arch beneath which allows boats to pass.

The bridge connects Tacloban City on the Leyte side and Santa Rita town on the Samar side. The bridge offers many picturesque views, especially of the San Juanico Strait with its whirlpools as well as the islets of the province. Construction on the 21.9 million-dollar bridge began in 1969 and was completed in 1973.

Mabuhay ang San Juanico Bridge!

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#115 Leyte Gulf

A view of Leyte Gulf from a coconut grove

The placid-looking Leyte Gulf is known for the so-called the “Battle of Leyte Gulf,” considered to be the largest naval battle of World War II and also one of the largest naval battles in history (from Wikipedia).

The battle took place from October 23 to 26, 1944 between naval and naval-air forces of the Allies and those of the Japanese. US troops invaded Leyte Island as part of a strategy aimed to isolate Japan from the countries it had occupied in South East Asia. Leyte is one of the strategic strongholds and entry point for the Allied Forces.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf is also notable as the first battle in which Japanese aircraft carried out organized kamikaze attacks. Despite the valiant defense mounted by the Japanese forces their navy suffered heavy losses and thousands of planes, ships and boats are buried in the waters of the Gulf, making it a veritable graveyard.

Today, Leyte Gulf retains its serene view where tourists can enjoy the balmy Pacific breeze, wonderful tropical sunsets, belying the violence and mayhem it witnessed in one of the world most brutal naval battles.

Mabuhay ang Leyte Gulf!

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