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#128 Karaoke

Some Filipinos claim that the “karaoke” is a Pinoy invention, but the debates are still raging and the verdict is still not out. Whether or not this claim can be buttressed with solid proof and arguments, one thing is sure— the karaoke is a social phenomenon in the Philippines that can trigger a fight or an unforgettable, friendly fun.

A Filipino party today is never complete without the ear-busting karaoke segments where Filipinos would try to outdo each other with their vocal talents, either proven or newly acquired. Stand-alone karaoke machines can be found in the unlikeliest settings, on the sidewalks, in the garage, including outdoors (under the coconut tree) in rural areas where men can sometimes be seen singing early in the morning.

The Pinoy maybe a midget in height and other endeavours, but he surely swaggers and walks tall in karaoke-land, unloading the biggest claims. Since singing is almost a sport in the Philippines your audience will demand not only determination and endurance but also heroism. And Filipinos, who pride themselves on their singing, may have a lower tolerance for bad singers. So watch out before you stake your claim in a karaoke contest, particularly those involving the slightly drunk and when the boasting and singing will compete with the most raucous and provocative insults.

Yes, the Filipino can! That is, sing and lob the most ear-deafening insult when it comes to the karaoke. But try for starters a friendly karaoke event. That’s when one often discover some of the most genuine (and revealing) Filipino traits that range from comradely support, praise to colorful verbal insults.

 Mabuhay ang karaoke!

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