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#180 Saluyot

Saluyot (Corchurus olitorious L. ) or jute in English (tugabang in the Visayas) is an annual plant or shrub, growing up to two meters high.  The leaves are edible and is a popular ingredient in many native vegetable stews and meat dishes.

The leaves of saluyot are rich source of iron, protein, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.
Cultivated as a leafy vegetable in many Philippine provinces. the leaves are used fresh or dried.  They can be stored after drying and used later on during periods of scarcity. 

Saluyot is a favourite vegetable dish particularly among the Ilokanos in northern Philippines that locals even have a song for this leafy vegetable. The leaves are versatile and in the Philippine kitchen there is a wide variety of preparations for the saluyot leaves including fritters or tempura-like, deep-fried saluyot.

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