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#27 Pasiking

Pasiking (PAH-see-king) is a rattan backpack made or crafted by the mountain tribes in Northern Luzon, particularly by the Igorot ethnic groups in the Cordillera Region. 

A sturdy woven backpack, the pasiking became a rage in Manila and urban cities in the 1980s when young Filipino students introduced it into the mainstream. But to the Igorot makers and highland  tribes the pasiking has long served as a handy carry-all, a multi-purpose bag used in farm work, when travelling or simply as a container for personal items or knick-knacks.

There are several versions of the native pasiking, some made out of animal skins such as goat skin or pig skin, with varying forms and motifs depending on the region or mountain tribe that crafted the bags.

The rattan pasiking are known for its durability even in inclement or rainy weather since the rattan contracts when wet, making the weave tighter and less prone to splitting.

Long live local handicrafts!

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