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#45 Puso ng Saging

Puso ng Saging (literally ‘heart of the banana”) or banana blossoms is a favorite ingredient in various Philippine meat and vegetarian dishes. Shaped like a human heart (yes, just in  time for Valentines!), the banana blossoms are protected by sheaths of red colored leaf-like petals that form the heart- shaped “puso.”

The edible blooms are plucked when still immature and the young shoots or unopened blossoms are picked off for cooking. Boiled in water and salt, the shoots can be later fried or added to a range of meat stews. Or the flowers can also be thinly coated in a mix of flour and beaten eggs and deep-fried. Shredding the tender outer blooms and cooking them in coconut milk or combining them with other vegetables and meat also make a tasty dish. Variations are endless, and only one’s culinary imagination can limit this very versatile ”flowery” vegetable.

Besides you can impress friends and foe alike by saying you eat flowers for dinner.

Mabuhay ang puso ng saging!

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