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#163 Old Catarman Church Ruins

Old Catarman Church Ruins (also known as Guiob Church)  is located in the village of Bonbon, about 10 kms. from Catarman Poblacion in Camiguin Island, Mindanao, southern Philippines.

On May 1, 1871, the volcanic Mt. Daan erupted and the devastating eruption destroyed the original 16th Century Spanish settlement in Catarman. A portion of the town sank beneath the sea. After the eruption, the settlement moved to where the town center is presently located. Today, all that remains of old Catarman are the ruins of the ancient Spanish church, a convent and a bell tower.

The grass-covered ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent are mute witnesses to the wrath of nature. Now under local park authorities, the place also gives a glimpse into the culture of Spanish-era Camiguin, one of the first Philippine islands visited by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and colonised by Spanish settlers.

Mabuhay ang Old Catarman Church!

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