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#311 Ice Candy

Photo: Sidney Snoeks

Chances are nearly every Pinoy child knows the experience of snacking and sucking on glorious ice candy. On a sultry tropical summer day, a stick of ice candy can do wonders to the thirsty, overheated Pinoy. Only the halo-halo can exceed the simple and cheap pleasures of this icy treat.

Homemade and available direct from the house of any entrepreneurial Pinoy, the ice candy is a welcome and delightful frozen snack available in all flavors and colors. From avocado, young coconut (complete with coco strips), mango to melon flavors, the ice candy is a classic summer treat–  and very cheap compared to branded ice cream sticks and desserts.

Making the ice candy is child’s play. Simply buy plastic tubes and pour your favourite choco drink or fruit juice into the pouch, freeze it, and viola–  a sugary, fruity (or chocolatey) drink to jumpstart your summer day!

Mabuhay ang ice candy!


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