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#20 Philippine boxing

Boxing in the Philippines is a national sport, and not just a national sport but the national sport which takes the Filipino to the highest high, brings him to a spine-chilling thrill, and where he/she can reflect the aspirations or fulfil dreams he shares with million others.

While Manny Pacquiao now enjoys the fame and fortune that the sport brings, Pacquiao is just one of the many other legendary boxers from the Philippines who had their fair share in the lime light such as Flash Elorde, one of the big names in Philippine boxing. In the future, there would be another Pacquiao, another name that will shine in the flashy neon marquee of Philippine boxing.

But the sport is also rife with tales of tragedy, of neglect and ephemereal stardom. How many Philippine boxers, who used to cajole and entertain the crowds, are now buried and forgotten? Ultimately, in the cold light of facts, the sport is a sweepstakes of fortunes where the strong and powerful does not always call the shots. Somebody or something else does.

And yet, if one needs to gauge the intensity of the Pinoy, his obsessive need to prevail against all circumstances and his admirable stance to show humility in the midst of triumph or the brute force and face of tragedy, the Philippine boxing arena is definitely full of worthy examples.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy boxing!

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