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#286 Buchi

Buchi (pronounced ‘BOO-CHEE) is a deep fried sticky dough filled with red bean paste or ube halaya (sweetened mashed purple yam).

A favorite snack or dessert on the Filipino table, the buchi balls are made of milled glutinous rice, shaped in small round balls,  filled with the bean paste, rolled in sesame seeds and then deep fried. The balls are often sold on the street with the buchi balls skewered on bamboo sticks.

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#283 Ube Roll

Ube roll is a light sponge roll which is baked like any other sponge cake or roll. The difference is the use of  ube or sweetened purple yam as flavoring for the sponge cake mix. 

The ube or purple yam jam can also be used as filling for the roll, but since the ube paste is heavier in consistency than the fluffy sponge roll good baking skills must ensure that the roll do not break during or after the baking process.

The Filipinos sweeth tooth is evidenced in this fluffy ube roll, which is a popular dessert in birthday parties, social gatherings or any festive Filipino table. Popular bakery and pastry chains or stores in the Philippines also sell ube roll with a variety of toppings such as icing and macapuno (glutinous coconut) strips.

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