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#296 Cultural Center of the Philippines

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (Sentrong Pangkultura ng Pilipinas) or simply the CCP is located in the cities of Pasay and Manila and was opened in 1969 supposedly to promote Filipino arts and culture.

During the 1960s the CCP was viewed as one of the most controversial centrepiece cultural projects of the Marcos regime not only for its scale and financing but also for its socio-cultural impact and political objectives.  Since its opening, it has showcased the Bolshoi, Kirov, Royal Danish ballets, as well as contemporary American, French, German, and Philippine companies.

Created by President Ferdinand Marcos in 1966 through presidential fiat, with the stated aim of promoting Filipino arts and culture, the building or complex was formally inaugurated on September 8, 1969. The Center’s formal inauguration was attended by a number of international personalities, including then California  Governor and Mrs. Ronald Reagan, who represented US President Richard Nixon. 

Today, the CCP has survived the Marcos era and showcases Filipino artistic achievements, encourages the creation of original works inspired by Filipino tradition and helps makes the arts accessible. It also initiates and supports the establishment of regional or local cultural centers in cooperation with local groups. But the stigma of cultural elitism remains, though not as strong as during the Marcos regime.

The main theatre building located along Roxas Boulevard is one of the architectural highlights in the area, but the construction of the CCP triggered violent protests in the late 1960s when it displaced hundreds of fishing village families displaced by the Manila Bay land reclamation project (Wikipedia and other sources).

Long live Philippine arts and culture!

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