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#129 Tubaw

The tubaw is a colorful headwrap made mostly in Cotabato, Mindanao in southern Philippines, and the ethnic tribes who originally produce this colorful cloth are known for their fine weaving traditions.

The most finely-made tubaw are worn by the village elders and some patterns or motifs especially those woven by the best weavers in a village are accorded with meanings or were made to convey certain beliefs shared by the tribe. Intertwined patterns are said to connote the linked or connected existence of all living things on earth.

The tubaw’s intense colors are also popular that there was a time in the 1980s when the tubaw was mostly worn and made popular by activist students in protest rallies. Wearing the tubaw later entered mainstream street wear as a fashionable neck or head scarves used by young people.

Long live Philippine weaving traditions!

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