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#132 Cornick

A Filipino variant of the American corn nuts is cornick. Compared to the American variety, the Filipino cornick are typically smaller and crispier kernels of fried corn.

Garlic is the most common and popular flavor of the Pinoy cornicks. Recently other flavors were created by big-scale commercial food producers such as chili cheese, adobo, barbecue, lechón manok, and sweet cornicks. Major brands include Boy Bawang (literally “Garlic Boy” in Filipino], commonly sold in small packets), Corn Bits, and Safari.

For the good-old original cornicks, these can be found from food street vendors who fry or heat the corn kernels right on the street on their two-wheeled wooden food carts equipped with kerosene-fired cooking stoves. Cornicks are best eaten when freshly cooked since they are more crunchy than left-over cornicks.

A popular variety of cornicks is the lighter, chicharrón-like chicha-corn which is made from glutinous corn from the Ilocos Region in northern Philippines.

Bon appetit!

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