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#14 Bukayo

Bukayo or sweetened grated coconut (preferably young coconut) used to be a very popular native candy, particularly in the Philippine countryside. The candy is proof of the coconut’s versatility in terms of use and by-products.

Sweetened with raw brown sugar and sprinkled with sesame seeds (optional), this candy is known all over the Philippines that the expression ‘bukayo‘ entered Filipino slang or the popular lingo, as in “na-bukayo,” or “buking” which means “caught, discovered,” or anyone whose bad deeds are brought to light and justly exposed.

An example: “Si Gloria ay nabuking na nandadaya sa election.” In English: “Gloria was caught or exposed to have cheated (massively) in the election.”  

Those with a sweet tooth should try bukayo, but not cheating in the elections.

Mabuhay ang bukayo (hindi ang na-buking)!

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